About WasteCapTRACE

Passion and need - and some funds. That's what started WasteCapTRACE. WasteCap had years of experience documenting construction and demolition reuse and recycling results from individual projects, and it was getting more difficult, as WasteCap grew, to add all those totals from all those spreadsheets. Meanwhile, the State of WI was required by the governor to record its project-specific and statewide reuse and recycling results.

Thanks to the passion of our staff, board of directors, volunteers, state of WI employees, our developer, along with a grant from the WI Dept. of Natural Resources and funds from WasteCap's members, sponsors and partners, WasteCapTRACE was born. It is designed to document reuse and recycling results from individual construction, demolition and remodeling projects and document results across all projects. Now, it's available to all state of Wisconsin projects and being used to track all of their large projects.

We saw a need for a system in the "cloud" which can track reuse and recycling results from individual construction and demolition projects, and across projects -- to see how well a campus is doing compared to another campus, or state compared to another state, and share ideas to save money and resources for all the projects - and the earth.

Passion (and funds) continues to be poured into this system as we develop more features and bring on more clients. One of the largest haulers in the US is now using this system, along with federal projects, thousands of remodeling projects, and many others. We invite them, and you, to bring your passion for reuse and recycling, or simply your need to track results on your next project, to use the system and continue to make it more robust and amazing.

We look forward to working with you,

Joe Liebau, Jr.

Executive Director

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment.

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