Pricing Options

How much does TRACE cost?

Our goal is to make construction waste tracking accessible for everyone. To do this we’ve made our rates very affordable. WasteCapTRACE subscriptions are priced according to the size of each project.

Pay just 2¢ per square foot. Minimum fee $50.

Pricing Examples

For a small project of 10,000 square feet your cost would be $200.
For a medium project of 30,000 square feet your cost would be $600.
For a large project of 50,000 square feet your cost would be $1,000

Become a member and take advantage of our $500 maximum member fee. You save while supporting our mission.

WasteCap Membership

Being a WasteCap Member means you're committed to transforming waste into resources. It also means that you and your entire organization can enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts on training and webinars, access to industry- leading information and increased online visibility for your company on our website.

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Our mission is to minimize the impact of construction on the environment. If WasteCapTRACE seems out of your reach, we want to talk to you.

Contact us at 414-961-1100 to discuss your unique program needs.